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The unique properties of ThermaFreeze provide greater thermal protection in the shipment of perishables, greatly reducing product spoilage. When the product is used in a cooler it provides more hours of cooling power than ice packs, or ice bricks. It also may be refrozen and reused many times!

As it is designed to be Neutral it does not attract the prohibitions and expense of using Dry Ice, which is now catagorised as Dangerous Goods. When hydrated, the pad weighs 0.65kg. Hydration takes only seconds per pad and is done by soaking or spraying the cloth side of the pad with water. Ice gel sheet, dry ice substitute once hydrated, it is ready to be placed in a freezer and will be fully frozen in approximately 6/8 hours. When used as a hot compress application, it can be placed in a standard microwave for approximately 30 seconds and is ready for use.


The unique properties of ThermaFreeze provide greater temperature control in the shipment of perishables, greatly reducing food, or temperature sensitive product spoilage. When ice gel sheets are used in packaging it provides longer cooling time than ice, or ice bricks. It is reusable and non-toxic! ThermaFreeze can be used  for the following applications:


Medication (insulin) protection | Cold press  for injuries or post surgery | Personal shipping of gifts

ThermaFreeze for Catering, Events and Festivals.  Travel, Expeditions:

Airline and hotel industry (replace dry ice) | Prepared food home deliveries | Shipping of perishable goods | Keeping food and beverages cold

ThermaFreeze for Pharmaceutical, Medical and Veterinary:

Shipping of samples and vaccines | Cold pack and hot pack for injuries and physiotherapy | General hospital applications | Equine (Cold compress)




Guaranteed Geniune US made (FDA compliant) product – NOT Far East copies


ThermaFreeze Ice Gel Sheets


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